The Enervest Vision:
“By 2050 Australia is 100% fuelled by clean, reliable, cost-effective renewable energy”

Enervest is an Australian leader in renewable energies and storage for both commercial and residential projects. Since our inception in 2008, we are proud to have assisted hundreds of Australians to not only meet their energy consumption plans, but to exceed them.

With a mentality of being geared for the exception rather than the average, Enervest prides itself on truly listening to your needs and objectives, thus providing innovative, customised, cost-effective, solution-centric outcomes.

CARE is at the core of everything we do. Our service, attention to detail and customer care is unsurpassed. Our business is in caring – we just happen to care about you and Energy.

As clean and affordable energy ambassadors we can maximise natural energy benefits, reduce carbon footprint and cut energy costs.


As an Australian, tax-paying citizen, further – a global citizen of humanity, renewable energy is real and meaningful. We have a purpose beyond work and capitalism that is mission-critical. Consumers are trending heavily towards those that display a commitment to caring for the environment. Adopting and advocating for clean, renewable energy provides the springboard from which to launch a robust corporate social image. Enervest will help position your organisation as Energy Ambassadors.


At Enervest, we partner with the most prominent, forward-thinking brands from around the world. Our strategic partnerships allow us to deliver the highest quality/best-priced solutions available.

Our team keep up to date and across all markets with the latest technologies and initiatives in all areas of renewable energy solutions. We select and stand by our products and services, with our industry leading accreditations and licensing, giving you “Peace of Mind” warranty & guarantee levels unique to Enervest, not to mention our lifetime monitoring and tracking tool.

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Founder & Managing Director

Ross’ specialities in Electrical Photovoltaic Systems coupled with his consumer-facing, hands-on experience sets him apart from others in the energy sector. As the Founder and Managing Director of Enervest, Ross’ core focus is on managing the growth and diversification for the organisation through Business Development and Efficiency Optimisation strategies.



Andrew has a commercial background in horticulture, food processing and waste resource management. He is an experienced Chairman of and investor in public and private entities, currently Chair of ASX Agrifood entity MRG Ltd.


Chief Executive Officer

Floyd Nangreave is Enervest’s first appointed CEO. Bringing his vast combination of knowledge and experience across an expansive career working with global, multinational and SME enterprises. He harnesses the current and future business resources of Enervest, along with its financial stewardship, strategically encouraging its organic growth.


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    "When it comes to power generation, there are so many elements to consider when assessing the myriad of information out there. How do you know you are making the right choice? How do you know what products to purchase? Can you trust the design and installation specifications? What is a good result and when will you see it? A business might say all the right things, but are they doing all the right things? With our tag line “Empowering through power”, the Enervest aim is to empower you with the knowledge and understanding of all things Energy. As your Energy Solutions Partner, we give you back the power to choose with confidence. And how are we different? We care. Some of you might be thinking “doesn’t everyone?” Unfortunately, the answer to that is NO. Others don’t even care about caring enough to mention it. Our business is in caring – we just happen to care about you and Energy. In the Enervest consultative, collaborative ethos, we work with you to understand your objectives, look at realistic options and assist with the selection process to optimise and measure results. It is not a one size fits all, cookie-cutter approach. We help you get the right energy savings and benefits and if we can’t, we say so."

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