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Enervest is the Australian leader in renewable energy solutions for both commercial and residential projects. We combine the reliability that comes with comprehensive system engineering and design with our personalised service. In developing these renewable energy solutions businesses and homes can rely on, along with scalable battery storage systems, we maximise natural energy benefits, reduce carbon footprint and cut energy costs. As one of the foremost solar companies Melbourne has to offer, when you choose Enervest you can be confident that you’ll receive a quality renewable energy system suited to your needs.




Enervest has a solid history and proven track record in providing renewable energy solutions to Australia’s agribusiness and rural sectors. Discover how Enervest solar power systems in Melbourne and wider Victoria can power both production and profitability.


Commercial & industrial

Enervest can design a renewable energy solution that protects your organisation from rising energy costs while delivering a long-lasting asset. Low-interest finance options are available to help you power your business with renewable energy, sooner.



Installing renewable energy systems in schools reduces electricity bills and teaches students about renewable energy. We’ve completed the design and installation of many solar power systems in Melbourne schools and colleges over the last few years.

Solar Process

  • "The Brief"


    "We take the time to consider all the factors that determine the best solar power solution for you, including consumption habits, available roof space and building orientation."

  • "Qualified Engineering Design & Specs"


    "Our team of qualified engineers design a customised system to maximise optimum efficiencies."

  • "Quality Products & Services"


    "Solar power solutions come in a range of sizes, designs and utilise various technologies. This allows us to create a solution that will deliver optimal cost savings from day one!"

  • "Install, Monitor & Maintain"


    "We are proud of our 5-Star Energy Rating. Our experienced and highly efficient team provides A+ service and care before, during and after we install your solar system. You have access to our 24/7 Care Team to assist with any queries, any time."


Our dedicated and qualified engineers will design and customise your solar solution. Unlike some of the other solar companies Melbourne business and homeowners may encounter, we don’t operate under a “one size fits all”, cookie-cutter approach. We work with you to understand your business, your business objectives, realistic options and assist with the selection process of the product to optimise and measure performance. Getting the right advice and the right design is critical to getting the best results. Melbourne homes and businesses can generate free energy for their own needs, as well as make money by selling back to the grid. Enervest solar power solutions are future-proofed for expansion and transition and are approved by the Clean Energy Council, according to Australian standards, and all come ‘battery ready’. By utilising our exclusive Enervest monitoring system, you can track at every minute your energy consumption. Our Customer Care team is here to help you make the most of your Enervest renewable energy system.

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