Residential Solar

Residential Solar

We believe that everyone has the right to a clean energy future. We help homeowners design and install clean energy systems and efficiency solutions that are guaranteed to save you money.

How we help our customers

‘Do it once, do it right’.

Don’t want to be disappointed with solar? Want to (really) remove the power bill as you know it including all those daily charges? Unsure about all the variables with ‘dumb solar’ by just slapping panels on a roof and hoping for the best? 

There is only one way to truly do home-solar right – the sonnenFlat Energy Bundle with a sonnenBatterie! sonnen has combined its visionary German design with Australian expertise through its manufacturing plant at the old Holden plant in South Australia. 

What does sonnenFlat mean for you? Real savings, real power, all year. A lifetime of free energy with a real exit from the grip of the power companies! Imagine that feeling – forever

Custom built intelligent solutions

Work with our team of in-house engineers to design an adaptive clean energy solution that suits your situation now and into the future.

Save your money & our planet

Stay informed and make educated decisions to reduce your energy costs and continue to invest in a clean energy future and play a significant part in saving our environment.

Peace of mind

CEC Accredited Retailer/REC Solar Professional/Fronius Solutions Provider Plus/ Tesla Certified / Sonnen Accredited Installers, with industry leading performance guarantees and warranties giving peace of mind before, during and after installation.

Wisr, Green Loans

We believe that everyone should have access to clean and affordable energy. That’s why we have partnered with Wisr to offer you their low-cost Green Loans as an alternative way to financing your solar system. Wisr offers our residential customers Green Loans with low interest rates (for good credit applicants), no early repayment or exit fees , and repayment terms of either 3, 5 or 7 years.

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Cut the cost of your energy bills and reclaim your independence from conventional energy retailers.

We connect people who generate their own energy to a larger community so they can share clean energy with one another.

The sonnenBatterie is designed to make the most of the solar energy you generate. But if you need more then there is the sonnenCommunity on which to draw.

Making electricity simple


Plug into the sonnenCommunity with sonnenFlat. sonnenFlat combines with your solar system and sonnenBatterie to offer the complete energy package giving members of the sonnenCommunity cost certainty for clean energy.

To find out what an smart solar battery system can do for you, and how much it can save you, get in touch with our team, or give us a call on 1300 164 211.