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Leading the charge as renewable energy ambassadors, Enervest was recently appointed as the approved premium dealer for EnviroTemp in Australia. The Enervest/EnviroTemp team has market-leading knowledge and expertise in providing significant energy efficiency and performance solutions to a wide range of businesses and vertical industry sectors who are users of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Chiller/Cool room assets.

Enervest are acutely aware of the operational importance of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Chillers and its contribution to your associated energy costs as part of your overall consumption requirements. At Enervest we take a holistic approach to energy reduction strategies often advising on a combination of solutions such as solar, LED lighting, battery and storage solutions, including HVAC energy efficiency products like EnviroTemp.

When we assess your business objectives and growth strategies towards reducing your energy costs and increasing efficiencies, we are able to produce a suite of options and opportunities that collectively or individually provide a compelling commercial sense.

Enervest and EnviroTemp’s proprietary refrigerant energy efficiency solutions are providing customers across the globe with additional energy savings and improved plant efficiency.

    • EnviroTemp is complementary to ALL other HVAC base energy savings solutions.
    • By using EnviroTemp you can significantly reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint on top of what you are already achieving.
    • If you are not using EnviroTemp, you are not maximising energy savings and on average losing 8-10% energy efficiency from your HVAC operations.

Your HVAC Assets from Day 1

From the very beginning every commercial grade air conditioning system, chiller and refrigeration unit begins losing HEAT-TRANSFER efficiency. It’s a fact.

These efficiency losses are due to the effects of “oil fouling”. Oil fouling is the accumulation of unwanted oil deposits in the coil system of the HVAC condenser and evaporator during the refrigeration process of all oil-based HVAC units.

Refrigerant oil is non-conductive, as oil fouling grows over the systems life, the non-conductive material creates laminar friction causing the refrigerant to travel like a bullet with a sharp point.

These efficiency losses translate into:

  • Deteriorating Co-efficiency of Performance (C.O.P.)
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Inability to achieve set temperature points quickly
  • Reduced ability to maintain temperature comfort
  • Greater wear and tear
  • Ultimately the harder it works, the more power it uses resulting in higher running costs

The Facts

Oil fouling effects very piece of refrigerated equipment, reverse cycle air conditioning, chillers and cool rooms. The typical system will lose 7% efficiency in the first year, 5% the next year and 2% every year thereafter. Maximum efficiency loss can be up to 20-30%, can cost you 20-30% more in energy use, cause more frequent breakdowns and reduced life span.

So how does EnviroTemp work?
EnviroTemp is a ONCE OFF injected highly thermo-conductive oil based product that is added DIRECTLY to the existing lubricating oil, EnviroTemp will remove the stagnant layer of fouled oil. The major benefits of an EnviroTemp treated system include:

  • Energy Reduction & C.O.P improvement of 8 – 12%, can be as high as 18%
  • Improved Capacity
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Prevention for the future
  • Minimal Ongoing Costs
  • Restores Lost Efficiency
  • Improved Comfort
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Supported by 100’s of thousands of users worldwide
  • Rapid ROI

Unless you are using EnviroTemp, you are more than likely losing 8-10% energy efficiency from HVAC operations. EnviroTemp is your solution to putting money back in your pocket Day 1!

Saved your hard-earned money

Stop paying high Electricity bills

Increase the value of your asset


Care for our environment

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