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Solar for Business & Commercial Property

Solar for Business & Commercial Property

commercial solar system

Cost is one of the biggest factors when considering a solar system for your business or commercial property. But with today’s high electricity prices, investing in solar can offer a great return and reduce your ongoing energy costs by up to 80%.

One way to ensure you maximise the benefits of solar is to choose the right size system. If you get this right, you’ll be well on your way to meet your energy needs and may even end up with positive cash flow.

10-20kW Small Business Solar:
These small commercial systems are perfectly suited to a range of businesses or commercial properties, including small offices, small retail, cafes, office/warehouses and more. If you use around 120kwh per day, this is the perfect system size for you.

20-50kW Commercial Solar Systems:
Offering a lot more energy production than a small commercial or residential system, a commercial solar system is well suited to businesses that use over 120kWh per day. These systems are perfect for schools, office buildings, hospitality venues and more.

50kW-99kW Large Commercial Systems:
If you’re looking at solar for a large office complex, manufacturing facility, school or a business that uses over 300kWh, then a large commercial system is the way to go.

100kw Commercial Solar Systems:
These huge solar systems are well suited to larger businesses that use vast amounts of power during the day. This can include shopping centres, hotels, cold storage facilities, large manufacturing sites and large office buildings.

It’s important to understand your energy needs, now and with one eye on the future. Our energy experts can help with determining the most efficient size for your needs, which will ensure maximum returns on your investment.

And when it comes to payment options, there is a range of choices available including:

  • Purchase outright
  • Lease agreement
  • Standard business loan
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Click here to find out more about payment and funding options for commercial solar systems.

Whatever you decide, it’s important to partner with a reputable and accredited solar provider who can design and install the perfect system for you. Get in touch with our energy experts to find out more.

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