Smart Solar Battery Solutions


Use clean energy day or night, with an Australian made sonnen solar battery that’s designed for how you live. 

If your producing power while you’re not at home, or if it’s generating more than you use, our battery solutions are a great solution to ensure you are getting the most out of the clean energy you produce.

With battery storage, you can store all the power you produce and use it when it suits you, including at night and even if the power goes out! And if your batteries are full, you still export power to the grid and get paid by your energy supplier.

Already have solar? We can add batteries to your existing system. Contact us to see if a battery storage solution is right for you.

Store & Save

Power your home with more of your energy. Instead of sending your excess power back to the grid and purchasing expensive power at night, store it and use when you need it.

Avoid Bill Shock

Take control of your energy bills with no more worries about those dreaded and expensive electricity bills. You’ll know exactly how much your bill (if any!) will be with sonnen’s flat monthly fees.

Blackout Protection

Our solar battery systems can be installed to provide power even if there is a power outage, giving you more independence from expensive power companies.

Power at your Fingertips

Get to know exactly when and how you use your energy with easy to use and user friendly energy monitoring, and it’s available right on your phone with 24/7 access and information.

Get Rewarded

Just like traditional solar, you can sell excess solar power back to the grid to receive a credit on your energy bill. You can also take advantage of time-based electricity tariffs.

Energy Independence

Get real peace of mind knowing you are not at the mercy of the big and expensive energy retailers anymore. Join the sonnen community program and take back control of your energy.


Take your energy independence further by joining the sonnen Community.

As a sonnen customer, you are at the heart of the energy eco-system. Your sonnenBatteries, in partnership with sonnenFlat or sonnenConnect can collectively contribute to a more stable electricity grid through a virtual power plant (VPP).
Your sonnenBatterie can make an important contribution to the clean energy transition in times of need, plus it makes your energy worries a thing of the past.

And now we’ve made getting a solar battery system for your home even easier.

We’ve partnered with Wisr, to offer you their low-cost Green Loans as an alternative way to financing your solar purchases with us.

The application process is fast and easy, meaning you can start saving money from your solar battery even sooner


Get in touch with our team today to find out more about what a smart Australian made solar battery system can do for you and how much you can save.