Enervest appoints Floyd Nangreave as it’s first CEO

Enervest is pleased to announce the appointment of our first CEO Floyd Nangreave. Floyd will provide key support to both the Board and our Managing Director Ross Warby.

“It is with great excitement that I accept the challenge of this role, the Solar Energy industry is something I am very passionate about”

The organic growth of Enervest over the past 8 years has left an indelible mark on the solar industry. This role has been strategically created by the Board of Directors to ensure the company has a continued sense of strong corporate governance. As well as enhanced business operating processes and supportive delivery systems in order to continue to mitigate the challenges of the company’s organic growth.

Given his previous roles and experience as Managing Director, Group General Manager, General Manager, National Business Development Manager and State Sales Manager for a range of businesses at global, multi and national levels. Floyd brings his vast knowledge of client centric service delivery models to Enervest to ensure the board’s future growth strategies are sound, achievable and measurable.

In addition to his corporate career, Floyd has held local government board positions, served as a former Junior Advisory Board Member and Coterie President of an iconic AFL Football Club. He has also been the recipient of the  ‘Channel 9 Young Achiever of the Year’ award, ‘CBS Journalist of the Year’ and a ‘TNT Komatsu Ron Price Cup Winner’.

Floyd will harness the current and future business resources of Enervest, along with its financial stewardship, while strategically encouraging its organic growth.

Floyd’s capacity to articulate clear and concise growth plans, manage and motivate people, develop process and technology brings a unique set of skills to Enervest.

With a strong passion for the Solar Energy industry and an amplitude of professionalism, Floyd’s role as CEO is certain to ensure a bright future for Enervest.

Kilo-watt hour is ticking? Have you invested in solar yet?

For a country baked in sun, with a coastline of over 14,500km and abundant open space, a case for renewable energy only makes sense. Not for only enviro-conscious organisations, Solar is catching on for companies with high energy usage knowing they can now more than halve the cost of their grid power. Despite the government’s delay in policy updates and some early failures with under-capitalisation amongst installers, several businesses took the initial leap. 

Education and the private sector, including Catholic Schools, have been ahead of the policy makers, investing in the renewable sector for exemplary reasons. Mazenod College is one such organisation that committed to Solar with a responsibility to reduce carbon footprint for the future generations and lead by example. Promptly recognised by the government for their efforts, they also received a $50,000 cost saving grant for sustainable living. With the help of Enervest and its partners, the school not only saves extensive power costs for themselves but is also able to benefit the electricity provider by creating a regular source of income feeding extra power back into the grid.

Not just schools, most high energy companies can benefit by making the switch to renewables by levelling the consumption in the day time and feeding the gird over the weekend and nights. Realising that an ROI between 20% and 30% is easy to achieve, the battery technology industry is growing faster than any other part of the sector, following suit. Partnering with Tesla and Fronius; companies that leveraging batteries and inverters with a global foothold, Ross Warby extends an opportunity to bring this value to Australian subsidiaries and the domestic market. This publication sheds light on how the climb towards alternative energies first began, outlines plans for the sector and showcases how you can maximise this value engaging Enervest.

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 Click here to view the brochure

Click here to view the brochure

Mazenond College goes to the head of the class

Mazenod College is at the forefront of the sustainability movement in the education sector. Over a 2 year period Enervest were engaged consult and provide feasibility advice on the potential implementation of arenewable energy solution at the school. That process lead to the complete design and installation of the largest rooftop solar power system at an Australian school. 

Comprising more than 1,000 ReneSola PV panels and a range of SolarMax grid connected inverters, the 270kW system is designed to supply around half of the schools energy needs. Presenting numerous design and engineering challenges, Enervest successfully saw the project progress from preliminary analysis through to live operation.

At the completion of the project Mazenod College Principal, Fr Michael Twigg told RenewEconomy that “Mazenod College has made an investment in solar power because we have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of future generations.” 

To enhance the effectiveness of their investment Mazenod College encourage students to learn about the effect their school’s solar system is having on energy consumption via its SolarMax WebPortal. Accessible online the WebPortal offers real-time information on; input and output voltages, input and output currents, frequency, device temperature and yield of the system.

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