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What are LGC’s?

What are LGC’s?

If you’re thinking about installing solar for your business you may be eligible for some additional income via the government’s LGC program.

LGC’s (or Large-scale Generation Certificates) are a type of currency for buying and selling renewable energy. It’s best to know that LGC’s are only available on systems larger than of 100kW. The amount of certificates generated will depend on the size and output of the solar system. The more power produced, the more LGC’s are available.

What does that mean for you and your business? Well, the LGC’s can be sold to your energy retailer and be a source of ongoing revenue in addition to any cost savings.

The price of LGC’s is continuing to decline as the government gets closer to its renewable energy target. The revenue you would receive can fluctuate as demand changes. It’s a little bit like the stockmarket, trading in the currency of energy instead of shares.

If you have a smaller system or don’t quite reach the 100kW threshold, you will still be eligible for STC’s (or Small-scale Technology Certificates). There are some advantages of not quite reaching the 100kW limit. STC’s can be claimed as soon as the system is installed, and are usually claimed by the installer which is then passed on as a discount. That means less upfront cost for you. Unlike LGC’s, STC’s can only be claimed once, so there is no ongoing revenue.

Regardless of what business you’re in, investing in solar is a good business decision, with many benefits such as lower energy costs and less pollution.

If you’re thinking about investing in commercial solar to power your business, get in touch with our energy experts who can provide a full business case and full financial model.


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