Industrial & commercial solar in Melbourne

Rising energy costs are challenging for any commercial business. At Enervest, we aim to provide bespoke strategies that are cost-effective, innovative clean energy solutions for your business reducing consumption costs as well as improving the environment. We offer commercial strategies that are an end to end turnkey solution using the latest cutting-edge technology so you get access to the most efficient commercial solar system in Melbourne and the right price.Our specialist areas for installation of commercial solar in Melbourne include warehousing, manufacturing and production, transport and logistics, office and commercial, and cold storage.



    "Since Enervest was founded in 2008 we have installed thousands of quality solar panel systems on Australian homes, schools and commercial assets."



    "In a crowded market Enervest brings industry best warranties and performance guarantees. Our Customer Care team will with you every step of the way before, during and after."



    "Renewable energy provides the springboard from which to launch a robust corporate social image. Enervest can help position your organisation as environmentally friendly."

Find a tailored commercial solar system in Melbourne

When you choose Enervest for your commercial solar in Melbourne, you receive more than a quality product. We believe in a world that needs to be powered by solar energy. For this to eventuate renewable energy must be accessible and affordable to all Australians. Financially we guide you through the maze of government incentives, grants and rebates so that you can make solar power even more affordable. Enervest is known for right-sizing the system to meet your exact needs both now and in the future thus maximising your return on investment. Commercially we adopt a strategic consultative approach by executing a personal needs-based approach to mutually designing the right system for your business. A high performing system that saves you money from day one.

A consultative & collaborative approach

As clean and affordable energy ambassadors, we maximise natural energy benefits, reduce carbon footprint and cut energy costs. How are we different? To put it simply, we care. As your Energy Solutions Partner, we give you back the power to choose a commercial solar system in Melbourne with confidence. In our consultative, collaborative ethos, we work closely with you to understand your objectives, analyse realistic options and assist you with the selection process to maximise and measure results. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We help you get the right energy savings and benefits and if we can’t, we’re honest enough to say so and, if we have to, say no. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge and understanding of all things renewable energy.

Better for business & the environment

The benefits of solar energy can be justified not only on financial terms. For you business, the choice to go solar may be a combination of financial, environmental, marketing and sustainability that determine your investment decision. Consumers are becoming more aware of the ‘green’ credentials of the organisations they choose to align their business with. They are leaning heavily toward those who actually display a commitment to reducing their environmental impact, rather than simply talking it. Whether it is attracting new customers or satisfying existing ones, adopting and advocating for clean, renewable energy solutions provides a springboard from which to launch a robust social image. Enervest can help you to position your organisation as environmentally friendly.