Enervest has a proven track record in providing renewable energy solutions to Australia’s agribusiness and rural sectors. Discover how Enervest solar power systems can power both production and profitability.


Commercial & industrial

Enervest will design a renewable energy solution to protect your business from rising energy costs, whilst delivering a long-lasting asset. Finance options are also available to get you powered up sooner.



Installing renewable energy systems in our schools is best practice and teaches this to our future generations. All well aware of the need to care for our planet. Enervest is the Education Sector specialist, having designed and installed innovative, cost-efficient, energy efficient outcomes for a number of schools and colleges.


healthcare & aged care

When it comes to the aged care and health sector, Enervest values the importance that the role of energy can play in providing high-quality care for the ill, elederly and those in need of professional care.


sports & recreation

The Sports & Recreation industries are large consumers of electricity. Enervest is thrilled to be the official energy partner to the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) throughout Australia.


tourism & hospitality

In Australia the challenge is to balance day-to-day business with the right size, right design, right install to maximise the benefits of renewable energy specific to your project. Enervest is proud to be a key provider of tailored solutions in this sector.