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Feb 08

Home Energy Saving Tips

With most of us stuck at home working, bored or herding the kids around, we’re going to see an increase in energy use, and ultimately our electricity bills! To avoid that dreaded bill shock, we’ve come up with a few ways to help ease the burden during these strange times.

Tips to save on energy use while you’re at home:

  1. Turn the heater down 1 degree or the AC up 1 degree – you’d be surprised just how much energy and money you could save with a small reduction.
  2. Hang your washed clothes instead of using the dryer – even better, get the kids to help hang them up.
  3. Discover some old family favourite boardgames. Snakes & ladders or Uno are perfect for younger ones, or for older kids Monopoly and Scrabble are great.
  4. Change your light bulbs to energy efficient LEDs. Older halogen globes use a huge amount of power, and by changing them over for a small outlay you can save up to 70% on your lighting costs.
  5. Show the kids what it was like when you were a kid – no Netflix, YouTube, computers or iPads (this goes for us adults too). You can build an indoor cubby out of sheets, paint a picture and frame it, or if it’s not too hot or wet, head outside and climb a tree. Those were the days!
  6. Turn the fridge’s cooling down by one. It will still keep your food cold, but it will save heaps on your next bill.
  7. Got some boxes lying around? Get your creativity going and build a rocket, car or a house.
  8. Have a freezer? It’s a great time to defrost it. A clean freezer is much more efficient to run.
  9. If you have an open fire or wood heater, get it going and have a sleep out in the living room – it’s like camping indoors!
  10. Above all, stay safe and lets all make the most of this time.


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