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Easy ways to reduce your business energy costs

Easy ways to reduce your business energy costs

Energy prices have been increasing at an astonishing rate over the last few years and businesses of all sizes are feeling the pinch.

But while we are stuck with some of the world’s most expensive energy costs, we can still do things to keep more money in our pockets. Here are a few tips on reducing your energy use, and your energy costs.

Replace your old lighting with LEDs. Newer LED and CFL lights consume a lot less energy and have a longer lifespan than older lighting systems. And most lights can be retrofitted with energy efficient bulbs or modules, so there’s no need to replace the entire fitting. If you think a few light bulbs won’t do much, you may want to know that newer energy efficient lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to a whopping 75%!

Reduce paper use and printing. We all like a piece of paper rather than staring at a screen, but by only printing when necessary you can reduce wastage and cut the energy required to run your printer.

Switch it off! When you’re not using it, turn it off. This can be relevant for larger equipment, or even just your office coffee machine. Even when turned off, your equipment will still draw power when in standby mode so switch off at the power outlet.

Invest in energy efficient equipment. Before you buy that new piece of equipment, check to see if it is energy-star rated. The more stars, the better it will be for your energy bill!

Check your air. Heating and cooling takes up a large chunk of business costs. By simply programming your heating and cooling to run at different temps and at different times, it can make a big difference to your monthly bill.

Use motion sensors for lighting. Lighting takes up almost 20% of electricity used in a typical commercial building, so reducing your lighting use can go a long way to helping bring down your bills. Consider installing sensor lighting in areas such as meeting spaces, bathrooms or utility areas to help only use energy when you need it.

Look at your power bill. It’s not something we all think of or like doing, but by taking a closer look, you may find you’re not on the best rate or energy plan. A phone call to your supplier and a bit of negotiating can save you thousands over time.

Your employees. Whether we like it or not, we all need to use energy to do our jobs. There are a few ways to reduce the strain, like offering your staff to work one day a week at home, or communicate with team members and clients via virtual meetings. That’s less power consumption with less people in the office, and less reliance and costs on fuel and travel.

Use the sun! Of course, invest in solar power. Depending on the size of the system, it can even make money for you! Get in touch with one of our energy experts to find out how the sun can help you reduce your energy costs.

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