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Changes to the solar rebate in 2020

Changes to the solar rebate in 2020

solar rebate 2020

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator has announced several changes to the current solar rebate that will take effect in 2020.

These changes will impact the amount available to households and businesses as a rebate or incentive.

The major change will affect the STC value. STCs (or small scale technology certificates) have a value, and the amount of certificates you are able to receive is based on three key things:

  • The size and power output of the system
  • Where you live (based on postcode)
  • The date of installation

As expected, the value of STCs will continue to decline as we get closer to the 2030 program closure.

The second major change relates to the postcode zone. All households and businesses are located in zones 1-4, and the amount you are eligible for relates directly to your zoning. And it turns out that the majority of Australians won’t be affected by the zoning changes. In fact, more people will be eligible for a higher rebate with the changes.

To find out what zone you are in check out the Clean Energy Regulator postcode listings here.

And if you live in Victoria, the state government is reducing the solar panel rebate from $2,250 to a maximum of $1,888, beginning on 1st January. Just like other rebates and incentive schemes, this Victorian scheme will also continue to reduce over time.

If you want to find out what you qualify for, and maximise your government rebates, get in touch with our team to get your free energy assessment and quote today!


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