Apr 05

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

A Power Purchase Agreement or PPA is a great way for businesses to reap the benefits of solar power, with no upfront installation or ongoing maintenance costs. Simply put, a PPA is an agreement between a business and a provider for the supply and sale of energy. The provider will... read more →
Mar 10

Kathmandu opens its first off-grid store

New Zealand outdoor equipment retailer Kathmandu has opened a store in Australia which runs off solar and battery power. While its presence in shopping centres means it can’t send every store solar, it’s not ruling out converting other stand-alone stores. The store, at Blackburn in Victoria, is a large stand-alone... read more →
Feb 05

Solar rebates for businesses

We all know we can get rebates and incentives from state and national governments when installing solar on our homes, but what are businesses or commercial property owners entitled to receive? It’s one of the most common things we are asked, especially from small businesses with limited capital to invest.... read more →
Dec 20

We have a winner!

As the Preferred Energy Partner of Australian Organic, we were delighted to run a competition for Australian Organic Awareness Month in October, asking, “why you would want to win a Solar System for your home?” We were inundated with informative, environmentally awake, heartfelt, caring and considerate applicants, all very much... read more →
Dec 02


Enervest was delighted to design and install a number of solar arrays for the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia as part of their solar rollout plan for 2018. The solar project involves 30 properties across all 6 of the Institute's Australian communities. Based on the figures we have... read more →
Nov 24

Top 10 things to look out for when investing in renewable energy

In recent years the renewable energies industry, particularly solar power, has received some bad press, some of which has been warranted! Prior rebates under previous schemes flooded the market with inexperienced operators looking to ‘cash in’ on the opportunity. Bad experiences with shonky operators, coupled with the rollback of government... read more →
Nov 23

AFL Club takes giant leap towards sustainability

  The GWS Giants are not only kicking goals on the field, they stand tall on all the right issues. Recently the Giants engaged Enervest to implement a 100kW solar array at their training facility in Western Sydney. This solar solution will power the clubs indoor training field, gymnasium and... read more →
Nov 23

Kilo-watt hour is ticking? Have you invested in solar yet?

For a country baked in sun, with a coastline of over 14,500km and abundant open space, a case for renewable energy only makes sense. Not for only enviro-conscious organisations, Solar is catching on for companies with high energy usage knowing they can now more than halve the cost of their... read more →