Feb 24

5 Reasons to Use an Energy Broker

Why should you use an Energy Broker? What does an energy broker do? How much does it cost? Can’t I just contact my retailer directly? Will I save any money? These are fair questions and ones that we hear all the time. The energy market is a hugely complex machine... read more →
Feb 15

Great Green News for Commbank Customers

Commbank has just announced an exciting new Green Loan deal! If you’re a CommBank home loan customer, we’ve got some exciting news! They’ve just announced their new CommBank Green Loan, which makes it easier for current Commbank home loan customers to take advantage of renewable technology. Eligible customers will be... read more →
Feb 09

We’ve partnered with Wisr for low-cost Green Loans

We believe that everyone has the right to clean energy that helps you save money. That’s why Enervest have partnered with Wisr, to offer you their low-cost Green Loans as an alternative way to financing your solar purchases with us. Wisr offers Enervest residential customers their Green Loans for Residential... read more →
Feb 08

Home Energy Saving Tips

With most of us stuck at home working, bored or herding the kids around, we’re going to see an increase in energy use, and ultimately our electricity bills! To avoid that dreaded bill shock, we’ve come up with a few ways to help ease the burden during these strange times.... read more →
Feb 08

Got a cheap solar quote – think again!

If you’ve enquired about installing solar and received a quote that seems to be a great deal, be very wary. How do some solar companies offer systems at such a cheap price? What does it mean for you? There are a few main reasons why you can get cheap solar... read more →
Jan 15

What will our energy future look like?

What will our energy of the future look like? Over the last decade we’ve seen a huge leap forward in new clean energy sources. Just think back to the year 2000 . . .  Solar panels on homes were rare, and in comparison to today, were quite small and generated... read more →
Dec 15

Benefits of solar water pumping

Solar water pumping for surface and bore water is ideal for uses in many Australian environments – after all, Australia has some of the most sunshine in the world. That’s why solar pumps are a popular choice for watering livestock, crop irrigation, industrial water supply and even residential and swimming... read more →
Oct 24

Solar for Construction and Property Development

Want to utilise solar energy in your next property project, add value to the property and create extra ongoing revenue from it? Yep, that’s right, installing a solar energy system CAN make you money! How do you ask? To put it simply, you install an Energy Network on the roof... read more →
Sep 06

The other benefit of solar for your business

Deciding if solar is right for your business can be tough. The benefits we always hear of are financially based, with a massive focus on cost savings and the return on your investment. Other phrases get used to spruik solar, like corporate responsibility, but that’s really as far as we... read more →
Jun 05

Victoria to add more to renewable energy scheme

The Victorian Government has recently announced an additional $15.3 million injection into renewable energy investments to help reduce Victoria’s overall emissions. The new investments are in addition to the current rebates and incentives on offer, including the Solar Homes Program and battery rebates for eligible households. The new incentives will... read more →